Out of Office AutoReply: [Spacemovie] Eureka, morgen So 12:00 KIZ im Augarten

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Sat Sep 9 14:55:30 CEST 2006

Dear Madam or Sir,

thank you for your message. 
Unfortunately I'm currently out of the office .
I will be back on the 10th of August.
I might not be able to read/answer your email messages before this date !
-> In urgent cases please RESEND your E-Mail to helpline.mes at avl.com or call +43 316 787-555.

Best regards,

Philipp Url

Support Engineer
Global Customer Services 
Instrumentation and Testsystems

Phone:	+43 (0)316 787 555
Fax:    	+43 (0)316 787 666
E-mail:      helpline.mes at avl.com

AVL List GmbH
Hans-List-Platz 1        
A-8020 Graz                 
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