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Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Fri Dec 1 11:30:25 CET 2006


thanks to the great work of Alexander 'formorer' Wirt I'm
proud to be able to announce a new grml repository service.


Until now we have been using http://grml.org/repos/ as the main repository
for grml. But the maintainence overhead was pretty large for me. Further
disadvantages have been:

* no automatization
* lacking possibitilies for multi-arch (i386, amd64, ppc)
* splitting into stable and testing branches not present
* no notification via mail on new uploads
* no possibility of archiving the pool (e.g. release-based)
* host could not be moved from main grml.org server due to
  lack of subdomain inside repos-name

Formorer was so kind to set up new infrastructure and we have been busy
working on feeding all the packages to the new infrastructure within the
last few days.


You should adjust your /etc/apt/sources.list.

The lines containing http://grml.org/repos/ inside your
/etc/apt/sources.list can be considered deprecated.

Now it should contain something like:

# stable grml repository:
  deb     http://deb.grml.org/ grml-stable  main
  deb-src http://deb.grml.org/ grml-stable  main

# testing/developer grml repository:
#  deb     http://deb.grml.org/ grml-testing main
#  deb-src http://deb.grml.org/ grml-testing main

# old (fallback) grml repository:
#  deb     http://grml.org/repos/ ./
#  deb-src http://grml.org/repos/ ./

As the name 'grml-stable' indicates that's the repository which contains
packages considered as "stable" (new release, bugfixes,...). If you want to
get the bleeding edge packages you can enable the grml-testing branch as
well of course.

You should adjust apt-preferences as well to something like:

# cat /etc/apt/preferences
// main grml-repository:
Package: *
Pin: origin deb.grml.org
Pin-Priority: 996

// fallback grml-repository:
Package: *
Pin: origin grml.org
Pin-Priority: 995

If you want to be informed about new uploads you can subscribe to the
grml-testing-changes mailinglist:


Just send a mail to "hg-commits+subscribe (at) ml.grml.org".

If you already have the package grml-etc-core on your box make sure you are
using a recent version (>= 0.2.3) which provides the files
/etc/apt/sources.list.grml and /etc/apt/preferences.grml containing above
entries for you.

grml 0.9 will be shipped with new repository enabled by default.
You won't have to care about anything if using grml >= 0.9.

Backwards compatible

http://grml.org/repos/ will be available for the next few weeks as well.
I will upload packages to the repository until release of grml 0.9
so you should not have any hassles. The plan is to disable the old
repository by begin of 2007. The packages inside the directory will stay
available but the files necessary for apt-get/aptitude might be removed
when we consider the repository as deprecated. (But this won't happen
within just a few days so you have enough time to adjust your setups.)

Problems? Questions?

Please let me know if you consider any problems with the new
repository or have any questions.

JFYI && regards,
 http://grml.org/            # Linux for texttool-users and sysadmins
 http://wiki.grml.org/       # share your knowledge
 http://grml.supersized.org/ # the grml development weblog
 #grml @ irc.freenode.org    # meet us on irc
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